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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Supporting Our Medics in Theater

One of my favorite Angel activities over the last year has been sending packages to our medics in theater. Soldiers’ Angels “adopted” all the theater hospitals, and the support is spread to any medic that our super-coordinator-of-all-things-medic, Roger, tracks down. So whether they are with a larger unit, at an aid station, or at one of the combat support hospitals (CSHs), Roger collects “wish lists” and passes them on to those of us who are interested in sending some support.

Which is why there is this pile of extension cords, power strips, and plug adapters on my floor. There’s a new CSH setting up shop in pretty rugged conditions in Afghanistan, and as someone whose AIR-CONDITIONED apartment has too few electrical outlets, I’m more than pleased to help make things a little more comfortable for our medic contact and her 75 friends in their new “hut” away from home.

Needless to say, the folks that man our theater hospitals or serve as medics in the field have incredibly challenging jobs. I like to think of them as forward-deployed Angels because they are looking out for all our other soldiers, marines, sailors, and airmen, and any civilians that get hit as well.

If you’re interested in learning a little about who we support, check out super-Roger’s blog, Soldiers’ Angels – Medical Support. There are a lot of great pictures of our medics.

If you’re interested in hearing more direct from the medic-types themselves, here are three milbloggers to visit:

Desert Flier

"We just can't help ourselves when the children come in, and I ran to my "stash" to bring her a few more toys.Also injured in an insurgent attack in February, Gofran has a large chunk of shrapnel embedded in her right thigh. She of course commands all of the attention in Charlie Medical this morning."
Me Over There
"9th Flight
Had my 9th flight last night. Took an Iraqi Army guy to Al-Assad. He had a gunshot to both lower legs, the surgeons did a great job restoring circulation to his feet, which the initial injury had interrupted. Flight was smooth, no problems."

M. Green
"Life saving surgery, part of what we do here at Charlie Med. Camp Ramadi"

Thanks guys!

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