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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Not for Nothing, Take 2

I'm often accused of being an optimist. Or an idealist. Guilty. The world is a tough place, but I do believe that most people believe in doing the right thing. Even in a war, or more accurately right now, in a counterinsurgency.

So, as an optimist, I am SO pleased to link to this story. Michael Yon, an independent embedded reporter and photographer, happened to be at the right place at the right time to capture a story in pictures and in words that EVERYONE should read. The stars of the show are Lieutenant Colonel Doug Crissman and the Iraqi people of Hit.

Thanks, Michael Yon, for providing a vivid example of why I'm so impressed by our folks in uniform and why I think there is hope for those living in some of the scariest places on earth.

Lt Col Crissman, hats off to you.

Yep, I'm an optimist, but go read the whole thing. As Matt of Blackfive would say, LtCol Crissman is "someone you should know".

Oh, and if you appreciate his quality reporting as much as I do, you might consider donating to support Michael Yon's ongoing, year-long embed in Iraq. He doesn't have sponsors to pay the bills, just readers like you and me.

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