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Friday, May 11, 2007

2007 Milblogs Conference Part 2

Okay, so it’s Friday, and I’m just getting to this, but no big deal, right?

So, the Milblog Conference. I won’t give you a complete rundown, but I’ll mention some notable moments that are written up elsewhere.

Andi of Andi’s World was the driving force and organizer of the event. She also has started another site called SpouseBuzz and is running the second SpouseBuzzLive event tomorrow in San Diego (If you or someone you know is married or attached to someone in the military, check it out). I didn’t get a chance to meet her, but I think Andi characterizes what makes up the core of the milblogger community: passion, commitment, and seemingly boundless reserves of energy.

What did Andi’s efforts result in? A pre-recorded introductory address from the President. Yes, that President, President George W. Bush. I was thrilled for every milblogger out there that they got this kind of validation.

The next item on last Saturday’s itinerary was a video-conference call with Rear Admiral Fox direct from Iraq. Yep, live from the front, folks. He talked about the value of milblogs, the importance of support from the home front, the latest from the battlefield, and then did a Q&A. Not bad, huh? And then there were comments from Robert Stokely, whose son was killed in Iraq in August 2005. Not a dry eye in the place. I’m humbled and grateful for Americans like Robert and Sgt Mike Stokley.

It was an awesome conference. Thanks, Andi!
Note: Soldiers' Angels was a sponsor for the conference and there were lots of Angels present (which was oh-so-cool), but I'll write up Angel stuff separately.

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