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Saturday, May 26, 2007

From Memorial Day post by embedded reporter Michael Yon...

Michael Yon, an embedded reporter and photographer, posts stories from Iraq every week or so. I always read them, but this bit at the end of his Memorial Day message caught my attention (emphasis added is mine):

"Q has already made it to Germany and is about to be flown home. CSM Pippin is on his way to Germany. Along the way, excellent groups like Soldiers’ Angels will welcome them home, I expect. My readers will find out here where to send messages once that news is released.Both men often lamented to me how frustrating it was to be back home and realize that the average American is not aware of practically any of the progress that’s been made in Iraq.

Both men darken with something closer to anger when they consider the sacrifices made by fallen soldiers and the fact that while the media most likely counted the deaths in all instances, they also most likely failed to mention any of the good things their fellow soldiers had accomplished while in Iraq."

I know that if these guys cross angel MaryAnn's path in Germany, she'll look out for them. My prayers and best wishes for Q and CSM Pippin.

This is a good opportunity to let you know that not only has Soldiers' Angels adopted all the Combat Support Hospitals in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also all the Military hospitals worldwide. SA Germany supports the patients at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.

So! another way to contribute as a Soldiers' Angel is to send supplies or letters for MaryAnn to share with the ill and wounded that get sent to Germany for treatment. Guys like Q and CSM Pippin.

For a list of regularly needed supplies, go here.

For instructions on sending letters to troops at Landstuhl, go here.

As a side note, I met MaryAnn a few weeks ago when she was stateside -- I am pleased to report that she is even special-er-er in person than you would already expect. :-)

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MaryAnn said...

You're a pretty special person yourself, Lisa :-)