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Saturday, April 30, 2011

MilblogConf 2011: Rumsfeld on veterans serving in Congress

When asked about military veterans considering serving in Congress, Sec Rumsfeld referenced what he considered a very inspiring address by Adlai Stevenson's address to his senior class banquet at Princeton in 1954.

A .pdf of the speech is on his website.

2011 Milblog Conference

Kicking off with former Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, taking questions from the "irreverent" Milblog community :-) Offered a interesting comparison between how info was shared from deployed forces to the home front when he was a naval officer. Very different.

He's as candid and irreverent as the crowd I think, which is part of his appeal.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

They volunteer, I'm grateful, and...

A reminder of why I send care packages to our deployed troops - they volunteer, I'm grateful, and they really do appreciate hearing from people like you and me: the year I adopted a Navy ship...

Have you ever wondered what a finished deployment to Afghanistan makes you thankful for?

Have a look HERE. (HT: Blackfive)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Update on a Wounded Warrior

I blogged HERE about Cpl Zach Briseno (ret) back in 2008 when he participated in the trike part of the Marine Corps Marathon.

MaryAnn in Germany passed along an update today, HERE.

Best wishes on the new home, Zach!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Annual Veteran's Day Fundraiser for Soldiers' Angels' Project Valour-IT Program! GO TEAM NAVY!

I'm behind the curve here, but once again supporting TEAM NAVY in the annual, friendly-yet-fierce blogger fundraiser for a very special Soldiers' Angels program called Project Valour-IT.

The fundraiser runs through Veteran's Day, November 11th.

Bottom line: Project Valour-IT funds the purchase of voice-activated and otherwise modified laptops for our more severely injured veterans as well as GPSs, Wii, iPads and other gizmos that support their recovery and new normal. Well over 5000 laptops have been distributed to date, and I can attest to the gratitude with which they are received having delivered one to an injured Marine a few years ago.

The goal for each team is to raise $15,000 (first!). If you have a few extra dollars, give generously and give through TEAM NAVY here (UPDATE - competition is over, but you can still donate HERE). There are also eBay auctions of nifty items - books and memorabilia - that can be found here - all proceeds go to the fundraiser.

Pass the word!

P.S. The inspiration for the program, then Captain Chuck Ziegenfuss in the US Army (now Major Z), is captured wonderfully well in the cartoon by http://www.coxandforkum.com/ at the top of the page.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Sometimes it really is a small world

Or at least smaller than we think.

I walked over to Arlington National Cemetery this morning with a friend. We headed out to Section 60 to visit and pay our respects to our fallen who have most recently been laid to rest at Arlington. There are familiar names that have been there for a while that I remember for one reason or another. Medal of Honor recipient Ross McGinnis. Major Douglas A. Zembiec. Capt Brian Letendre.

Today I noted a new name:
Lance Corporal Noah M. Pier. I noted it because someone had placed a large photo of LCpl Pier next to his headstone. He was a good looking young guy, but it was the exuberant grin that made me look twice at his name. I thought, "Someone is going to miss that grin." And so much more.

When I was home later, I was reading Memorial Day posts on-line, including some at my favorite blog, The Mudville Gazette. The most recent addition to the Dawn Patrol - Mrs. G's special contribution to the blog and blogosphere in general - included a link to an article on some recently fallen Marines. The caption on the photo mentioned Lance Corporal Noah M. Pier:

Lance Cpl. Jeffrey P. Grivois, a fire team leader with 3rd Platoon, Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, wears a metal bracelet to honor his friend, Lance Cpl. Noah M. Pier, who was killed in action in January and has a road in Nawa named in his honor. Grivois is currently serving at Patrol Base Meinert, named for another fallen Marine from Bravo Company, and both Meinert and Pier's photos are displayed at the post's entrance. Grivois, 21, is from Ocala, Fla. Photo by Sgt. Brian Tuthill.

Small world.

Here's a little bit more about this Marine. See what I mean about that grin?

Godspeed, Noah.

P.S. The photo reminded me of this post that Greyhawk highlighted today, too.