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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Support for Veterans... of Wars Past and Present

In the last year or so, the Soldiers' Angels organization has added a new mission: providing support to our Veterans. It's not that we didn't support veterans before - after all, everyone we support in theater comes home a veteran of war.

However, the newer efforts focus on those veterans, young or old, who receive care in our veterans hospitals or through other VA programs. Especially for these folks, Soldiers' Angels' introduced the "Veterans Pack". Similar to the "First Response Backpack" provided to our wounded in our Combat Support Hospitals (CSHs), the Veteran's Pack includes personal care items, some basic clothing items, and - most importantly - embody the simple message that "we're thinking of you and truly appreciate your service to our country".

You can make a donation for a Veteran's Pack for a specific veteran or just donate one for "any veteran". Either way, you have the option to add cool things like a phone card, snacks, or a Soldiers' Angels blanket or sweatsuit. The Angel Team will make sure your gift goes to a deserving veteran.

The Angel Team championing this effort has a new webpage:


Go HERE to read more details about what the Angel Veteran Support Team does - it's more than Vet Packs!

For that reason, they've also asked us to spread the word on the need for fundraising for their efforts. We have LOTS of veterans that the team would like to support, so your donations are needed. See the special Paypal donation button at the top of my blog.

And as always, donations to the general fund to support all the programs sponsored by the Soldiers' Angel Foundation are VERY welcome and always put to good use!

Thanks in advance.

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