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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Your Mom Will Understand. Really.

Vote for some other mom as America's Favorite Mom?

Personally, I know that MY mom is the best ever, but I can't vote for her every day until March 31st to try to get $5000 for Soldiers' Angels.

But we CAN cast votes for Patti Patton-Bader as America's Most Inspiring Mom at http://www.americasfavoritemom.com/ in hopes to win her the big prize.

Yes, you have to register. Yes, you have to remember another password, but that's not too hard, right?

Put a daily reminder on your calendar or pda to vote every day, too.

Still here? GO VOTE! *** CLICK HERE ***

1 comment:

Aaron Matthew Arnwine - LifelikePundits.com said...

Great Stuff! I just did a post on Facebook and will link back to this from Lifelike Pundits!

And I seem to have fallen off the list of DC events (unless there was a slowdown).

The last even was the Christmas gift drive you had that I could not attend (I left a voice message and felt terrible).

Anyway, anything else you need, just ask.