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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Y'all, this is cool: The Resolve to Win March from SC to DC

Four more veterans to make you proud: Dennis McCool, Marc Breslow, Carl Herrup and Gerry McCool. (HT: Hugh Hewitt and Bonnie at Soldiers' Angels who sent us a "heads up" email!)

Check out their "Resolve to Win" March that is taking them from South Carolina to Washington, DC. A sixteen day trek. Why are they doing this? Here's the blog post from Dennis McCool just before he returned from Iraq earlier this year:

As a soldier leaving Iraq after a one year tour of duty I have very mixed emotions about leaving here. I think all of us who volunteered to come here had hoped to see this situation in the Middle East resolved satisfactorily during our period of service. Now there is such a turbulent political climate in the US, the future is totally uncertain. What can we do now?

Out of desperation and an intense desire for the American people to understand the perspective of those who have served here, I have an idea, perhaps as drastic as volunteering to come out of retirement to do a tour in a combat zone. So, maybe if you are a Patriot, this idea will appeal to you as well.

Read the rest here.

If you live along or near their route, you can join them or cheer them on. Tomorrow will be Day 7, but if you live between Rocky Mount, NC and DC, you've still got time to wish them well or join them for a little exercise. Links along the left side of their website show you the exact route planned for each day (and note, Day 1 = March 1, Day 2 = March 2, etc.)

I have a Soldiers' Angels committment through lunchtime on Day 16, but I hope to join them on the final stretch to the Lincoln Memorial as that bit is right near my front door.

In the meantime, best wishes, Gentlemen! And well done.

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