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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Angels at Face of America Bike Ride

Two Sundays ago, I was one of about 20 Soldiers’ Angels that volunteered to support a special event. World TEAM Sports put on a bike ride to salute our wounded and active duty military personnel. The ride went from Gettysburg to DC over two days (110 miles!). Soldiers’ Angels was an official sponsor of the event, and super-Angel Lynette was in charge of our rest stop. I helped corral DC-area volunteers to set-up things at this spot near the end of the ride (at sponsor Geico's building in Chevy Chase, MD). Angel Jan coordinated the hanging of about 80 support banners made by Angels and friends all over the US. There were also a few signed t-shirt 'banners' including one signed by active folks in the sandbox (what a cool idea!).
It was a sunny, breezy, pretty day in DC as the riders arrived in large packs. The Geico Gecko was the first to greet them, and we cheered them through “banner row”. Wounded, active duty, and enthusiastic civilians participated in the ride. The extra-ordinary efforts of those who are pushing through and past their injuries to participate in events like this are incredibly inspiring. I also spoke to a civilian rider who “drove” a tandem bike so that a wounded veteran could participate. Cool.

I made the “Rock n Roll” banner for my mom’s 5th graders in Texas to sign. The kids are so great at stuff like this. Over the holidays they made over 100 cards to go with goody bags I sent to the sailors on a Navy ship operating in the Pacific.

Makes me want to gear up for the next ride like this! Though I think I'll volunteer to help not ride - I don't think my rear end could handle it. :-)

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1 comment:

Kathi said...

Hey, you got my back! (I mean,literally,LOL) nice pic of the back of my Soldiers Angels shirt. I love that shirt:)

Volunteering at the bike ride was a world of fun!