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Thursday, October 15, 2009

SOS for Soldiers' Angels - need your help!

Thanks for stopping by this blog!

I’ve been an active member and volunteer with Soldiers’ Angels for nearly five years now and can personally attest to how much our deployed troops and wounded warriors appreciate support from their fellow Americans.

Could you afford to make a donation to Soldiers’ Angels today? Even $10 would be a big help.

Soldiers' Angels is a tax-exempt 501(C)(3) volunteer organization that was started by Patti Patton-Bader in 2003 when her oldest son was serving in Iraq. And while she named the organization for her son’s service, Soldiers’ Angels supports all branches of our military: Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.

One of our core activities is the one-on-one adoption of troops for the length of their deployments. I’m currently participating in this program, so I send one letter a week and at least one care package a month to a soldier in Iraq and two troops in Afghanistan. I’ve got Halloween candy and decorations to ship out tomorrow!

It would be fantastic if you could adopt a troop, too (we have 2100+ troops waiting for an Angel), but if that’s not within your means, I’m hoping that you might be able to spare a few dollars.

You see, Soldiers’ Angels has 4000+ care packages ready to ship to troops in Afghanistan and Iraq but is short on cash for postage.

We also are seeing a very high demand for our First Response Backpacks, and we need to purchase items to fill them up. Here’s some info on that need from my team member Roger.

A group of Angels and friends in Bowie, MD rallied to make 330+ no-sew fleece blankets for those backpacks last weekend. I got to help (fun!) and wrote about it here.

Your donations also support activities like a monthly deli buffet lunch for our ill and wounded and their loved ones at our National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, MD (I’m actually the coordinator/hostess for that lunch each month). I’ve written about that here and here.

If you are able to support one of these efforts financially….

Maybe one of the above would work for you?

If you have any questions, please leave them as a comment. If you’re still wondering if your donation could make a difference, go read some of these:

Make a Difference - Adopt a Service Member

Thank you letters to Soldiers' Angels in Germany

Thank you letters to Soldiers' Angels from troops (scroll to bottom to see latest letter from troops)

"Do Americans Care About British Soldiers" (my Angel buddy MaryAnn plays a role in this story related by Michael Yon)

Thanks in advance for any assistance that you can provide!

Love and smiles,


Member, Soldiers Angels, Wounded Team – Bethesda

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