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Sunday, August 2, 2009

"...it seems like love really does make a difference."

At last month's lunch at the National Naval Medical Center at Bethesda, I was talking to a visitor who was visting a troop who had been badly injured and was receiving treatment at the hospital.

I commented on how wonderful it was that he lived here locally and was able to come visit his friend. We Angels hear over and over again how big a difference it makes for patients to have visitors, especially family and friends.

The friend said, "You know, it seems like love really does make a difference."

I couldn't agree more, but I must admit that the comment was extra memorable because that visiting friend was male, and maybe 30. Not your average comment from a 30-something guy.

During that same Soldiers' Angels visit (our monthly buffet lunch for patients, visiting family and friends, and medical staff), I also met yet another military family who had been touched by the love of another Angel, my buddy MaryAnn in Germany. MaryAnn always seems to be around when she's needed. This time it was to hold the phone so that a wife could talk to her husband, who was thousands of miles away in a hospital in Germany. He was unconscious, but MaryAnn held the phone so that his wife could send her love.

You can't tell me that that didn't make a difference.

If you'd like to help provide some TLC to our troops, consider "adopting" a deployed troop or signing up for the Soldiers' Angels Wounded/Medic team and help send a little love to our wounded and our medics laboring away to give our men and women the very best care that they can. There are some very busy medics in Afghanistan that could use your support. I just sent some brownies, rice krispy treats.... and a little love last week.

MaryAnn has details on those busy medics here and here and here.

Sign-up today. It's a great way to show your support whenever you are able.

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