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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

If you care

The fighting in Afghanistan has escalated, and the coalition is taking an increasing number of casualties.

I know that people care that our troops are in harms way.

They care when our troops get injured.

They appreciate the hard work of our medics who continue to save lives on the battlefield, day in, day out.

But folks back home often don't know what they can do to show that they care.

They can't do anything about the bullets and IEDs, but *I* know that they can provide a little TLC that makes a big impression.

Soldiers' Angels sends hundreds of our "First Response Backpacks" each month to combat support hospitals in theater and to our Landstuhl Regional Medical center in Germany. You can send one of these backpacks with a personal message by making a $55 donation at the Soldiers' Angels store.

The backpacks include:

I know that $55 is beyond the means of some, but if you're able, I hope you'll consider it. Details are HERE. Those of us who've visited our military hospitals know that these gifts are truly appreciated by our wounded warriors... and make for a least a few grateful moms!

Haven't got that much cash? Okay, no problem. MaryAnn can always use some extra cards of encouragement for our ill and wounded at Landstuhl. Click HERE for instructions.

Or, if you're like me and just like to go shopping for items that are appreciated by patients at Landstuhl, go HERE to see MaryAnn's list. Whether it's microwavable treats or pjs or flipflops, I always enjoy putting together a package of TLC to send across the pond...

I hope you'll choose one of the above.

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