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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blanket-Making Marathon Busts Record AGAIN :-) (UPDATED again!)

Great link from the other Lisa - tons of photos of the blanket-making party!!

UPDATE from Matt and Lisa in the comments! Total? 335!!! YAY! :-)
Just a quick post to let you know.... 313+ Blankets of Hope were made in Bowie, MD on Saturday! (I don't know the final tally as I had to leave a little before 4pm)


That wipes out last year's record of 242, which is a pretty amazing effort and so MUCH needed. These blankets are a cozy, personal touch included in our much-appreciated Soldiers' Angels First Response Backpacks. Read a message from a recent recipient HERE.

All of the blankets made on Saturday got boxed up for shipment to MaryAnn in Germany, where they'll be distributed at our Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. See all those boxes below??!? MaryAnn called in to say hi and to let all the blanket-makers know how much their efforts are appreciated. MaryAnn often delivers the blankets to troops herself, so she gets their feedback first hand.

If you'd like to make a *NO-SEW* fleece blanket for a wounded troop, click HERE for instructions (size for Germany is 45" x 60" minimum) and then click HERE to send an email to MaryAnn to get mailing instructions.

Back to Saturday's fun... here are some of the busy little hands that tied a bunch of blankets at my table. Those hands belong to some 4th grade girl scouts. They took the lead tying the knots and their moms and I did the cutting. Amazingly enough, one of the mom/daughter pairs were the same two that I helped get going last year! Small world in Bowie, huh?

Maybe you'd like to have a blanket making party, too?

Kudos to Lisa and Matt for orchestrating the event once again - what a wonderful achievement! And really fun, too :-)


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final tally 335


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