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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Thank a Veteran. Help a Veteran.

Another Soldiers' Angel brought this site to my attention today, and most importantly the song, "Before You Go" by Dr. Sam. Go HERE to listen and see a picture tribute.

The detailed background on the song is HERE (*tissue alert*), but the song was written and is performed as a message of thanks to all our aging WWII and Korean War veterans "who saved our way".

A newer version dedicated to Vietnam Veterans is HERE as "[a] long overdue thank you to veterans of the Vietnam War".

So grab a tissue, and go watch the video. Maybe there is someone you'd like to send a copy to?

Since I get my exercise by walking around Arlington and the National Mall, I have had the privilege and pleasure of seeing veterans of all our wars visiting our war memorials, some for the very first time. I saw some earlier today. At the Marine Corps Memorial. At the Vietnam Memorial. At the Korean War Memorial. At the WWII War Memorial.

The Soldiers' Angels organization started and remains dedicated to providing support to those currently serving in our armed forces. However, in more recent years, we've added programs that reach out to our more senior veterans. In particular, we have Angel programs that help fulfill wish lists for special items that VA facilities might like to have. We send individual presents at the holidays. For Christmas 2006, I sent a homemade afghan and a journal & pen to a VA facility in Portsmouth, VA.

A newer effort sends "Vet Packs" to veterans who reside at or gets services from our VA facilities. You can make a donation at the Angel Store to fund the delivery of one of these bundles of love and gratitude to an appreciative veteran. For more details on our Angels Veterans Team, go to http://www.noneforgotten.com/.

Wondering if something like a Vet Pack, full of personal care items, makes a difference to a veteran? Go HERE and read some letters.

This effort isn't motivated by lack of federal funding for our VA systems. It's about providing a way for you - YOU - to say thanks to a Veteran by sending a gift, but most importantly by letting them know that you haven't forgotten what they did and that you're grateful. If you'd just like to make a monetary donation, click the yellow DONATE button near the top right of this blog.

Would you like to do more? Sign up to become a member of the Angel Veterans Affairs Team HERE.

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