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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Face of America Bike Ride 2008 - Blog Round Up - MORE! Updated AGAIN

What I've found including links in previous post:

  1. Great pictures HERE from a rider's perspective. Shows some of the scenery too.
  2. A couple more pictures.
  3. Chuck and Carren.
  4. Laughing Wolf.
  5. Soldiers' Angel volunteer Kathi who is creating a post like this one!
  6. Angel Kathi's Pictures.
  7. tjdale of Bent Riders Forum talking about bikes and vets he met.
  8. Great pictures from jakeinmaryland. He and tjdale were members of Team Laid Back.
  9. One more picture site from Team Laid Back. Like his teammates, he has great pics from along the route -- which I really enjoyed as I only saw the beginning, lunch stop, and end of each day.
  10. More from The Pedaling Professor.
  11. More from Laughing Wolf at Blackfive. Pictures, too.
  12. Bunches of pictures here by several different folks following the event. :) At least some of them are professionals (can't tell if they all are) so enjoy the great quality shots [note that top three sets are from this year - photos from previous years are further down the page].
  13. Pictures from Ed. As a member of the motorcycle team that provided the escorts and helped manage (block!) traffic to protect the bicycle riders, Ed was obviously in a perfect position to take a terrific set of photos! Check them out - LINK FIXED!
  14. Angel Ann's photos!
  15. The Angel Ringleader for the event reports in.
  16. More photos, this time from Marc Sullivan Photography.


Kathi said...

Lisa....You're...an Angel :)

Great roundup, and since mine got interrupted yesterday because of my daughter's mishap, I'm just going to finish mine by linking back to you!

eap said...
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eap said...

I think I sent you the wrong link to my pics - anyway it is wrong on your blob

This one should work..