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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

I'm off to Seattle for the long weekend, so I thought I'd do this post now. I'm dragging my computer along, so I may do an additional post on Monday, but I'm not sure about access.

I'm looking forward to my visit out west (a friend's wedding, hanging out with my mom and younger sister, spending time with a college friend), but I do regret that I won't be able to pay my respects at Arlington on the Day. I'll miss watching Rolling Thunder rumble into town for their annual POW/MIA awareness ride to the White House. And I'll miss joining other Soldiers' Angels to hand out the little American flags at the Memorial Day parade along Constitution Avenue in DC.

I did pack my shirt, though, so whatever my friend Patty and I do on Monday, I'll have suitable attire. Whatever you do, I hope you'll pause to remember why Memorial Day is a national holiday.

In case you missed it last year, here's the text from the back of the shirt:

Winchester ‘01

Zellem ‘91

Blecksmith ‘03

“An inestimable prize, the understanding that health, good fortune, long years, domestic tranquility, all the attributes of personal happiness, do not make a life well lived if we are afraid to risk it all for the love of something finer, something bigger than our own desires.” - Senator John McCain

May we always remember and honor those who served. God bless and God speed.

1 comment:

Diana and Tracy Wheeler said...

My husband and I were there for the parade on Sunday. This was our 2nd year participating. We rode up with @200 other bikes from the Fredericksburg area. The day was just as breathtaking as last year.

From what I learned prior, there wasn't an organized group of SA there. I did my own little thing of having some people sign some blank cards so that I can forward them on to the troops... It was a beautiful day. - Diana