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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sailor Angel-ing

Okay, two things, wearing my Sailors'Angels hat:

Video of last week's Medal of Honor Flag Ceremony that I "attended", is now posted HERE (HT: my dad!).

I watched it, and it was even better the second time.

Time to write more email letters to troops! (HT: Grim at Blackfive)

This time it's for the sailors on the USS Russell DDG-59.

Once again, letters are being collected by Jim Cannon of "Thinking Right". He'll print them out and send them so that we don't crash their server. Grim [newly home from Iraq!] reminds us that our 20,000+ emails to the Marines caused a bit of an overload last summer...)

Send your messages for the sailors of the USS Russell here: letters@thinking-right.com

And check out the USS Russell's motto, from their website:

MOTTO: "STRENGTH IN FREEDOM." The real strength of our country is that, for over 200 years, Americans have fought and died for the ideals of freedom and democracy. Hence, "Strength in Freedom."

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