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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

500+ Troops Waiting for an Angel!!!

If you were waiting, now's a terrific time.

Click ***HERE*** to adopt one of the wonderful volunteers in our United States military services who need a little support while deployed away from home.

They'll appreciate it, and you'll enjoy it.



When you "adopt" a troop through Soldiers' Angels, you will be provided with the name and address of a soldier, sailor, airman, or marine who is deployed somewhere in the world. By adopting, you agree to send at least one letter a week and at least one or two care packages a month through the length of their deployment. Deployments last 6 to 15 months, depending on the service and deployment location. My current soldier is in Iraq for 15 months -- she'll be headed home about a year from now. She's awesome and a very busy lady. My care packages of late have included white, ankle-length athletic socks, Kelloggs protein bars, and white cheddar cheese popcorn, among other things. I've been fortunate to have been in email contact with her, so I have some guidance on what would really be of extra help or a special treat. If you don't ever hear from your adopted troop (which happened to me once), here are some thoughts on what to send: "Anatomy of a Care Package".

Don't know what to write in a letter? I wrote to my current soldier about this event (and then shared it with you!) and whatever else has kept me busy during the week. There's also a letter like this one, that you might send every once in a while.

So skedaddle. Go become an Angel.

NOTE: there is a new, optional process to get instant approval to become an Angel if you're willing to make a donation - as small as $1! - through PayPal. Using a PayPal account or a credit card via PayPal, Soldiers' Angels can rely on PayPal's process to clear you as a legitimate applicant. Instructions are on the same "adoption" page linked to above. Go, go, go!

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