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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day....Remembering and Honoring

As I try to do whenever I'm in town for Memorial Day, I'll be visiting Arlington National Cemetery tomorrow. And in keeping with a tradition I started a few years ago, I'll be wearing the T-shirt in the picture below. You see, the names on that t-shirt are as close as I've gotten to knowing someone who died serving our country. I know many many veterans, but haven't lost anyone to war. One name on this t-shirt was a college classmate of my sister's. That's as close as I hope to get, but I can't imagine that it'll stay that way.

“An inestimable prize, the understanding that health, good fortune, long years, domestic tranquility, all the attributes of personal happiness, do not make a life well lived if we are afraid to risk it all for the love of something finer, something bigger than our own desires.” - Senator John McCain

For all those honoring someone dear to them this weekend, my gratitude for the service of your loved one and my prayers for you.

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