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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Social Media and Non-Profits: The Charitable Landscape [Updated]

The panel....

The moderator (Greta! she's an Angel, too)

A great panel with reps from the Navy Memorial, Wounded Warrior Project, Blue Star Families, and Soldiers' Angels...talking about fund raising and "friend" raising. Message: they all have great missions, but without funding a lot less happens. However, social networking tools help build maintain powerful relationships for supporting our active duty troops and veterans.

Update: Great question from Navy News... If you were Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for a day (ADM Mullen!), what would you ask troops to do to help troop support orgs?

1) encourage troops to share their stories - so many people don't know anything about the current war in Afghanistan (Shelle with Soldiers' Angels)
2) encourage veterans returning from theater to be aware of other new veterans who are having challenges after returning from war (Keith with Wounded Warrior Project)

More to come...

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