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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

SFC Jared Monti, Congressional Medal of Honor, posthumous

HT: Mudville Gazette, who also has details of the actions being recognized.

SFC Jared Monti of Raynham, Massachusetts, to be awarded Congressional Medal of Honor, posthumously, for his actions on June 21, 2006, in Gowardesh, Afghanistan.

Quote from Jules Crittenden, blogging from Monti's home state of Massachusetts:

"He didn’t just give his life trying to drag badly wounded soldiers to safety under heavy fire. He gave in life."

...and a link to full coverage in the Boston Herald.

This is a big deal. If you don't understand the significance of the Medal of Honor, go read up on it.

This is only the sixth Medal of Honor awarded for actions since 9/11. Three others have been awarded since 9/11, but for actions in Vietnam and Korea.

Here's a list so you don't have to go look them up yourself:

Master Sergeant Woodrow W. Keeble, USA
PFC Ross McGinnis, USA
Petty Officer Michael Monsoor, USN
Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy, USN
Major Bruce P. Crandall, USA
Corporal Jason Dunham, USMC (and here)
Corporal Tibor Rubin, USA
Sergeant First Class Paul R. Smith, USA

Be proud. Be grateful. Be inspired. Remember.

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