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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Look who came to dinner

I'm really bad with names. I even mentioned it last night at dinner.

But the funny thing was, his name stuck in my head. And I wondered, had I heard his name before?

Chances are I hadn't, but look at what I found:

"Injured Soldier’s perseverance inspires others"

And from a little earlier on in this Soldier's career was this post among Blackfive's "Someone You Should Know" series:

"Staff Sergeant Roy Mitchell - Someone You Should Know"

I couldn't agree more, that this is someone we all should know.

I've written numerous times that being a volunteer with Soldiers' Angels has put me in touch with people that inspire me. I've called them blessings of being an Angel.

In addition to the enormous challenge of just getting back to some sense of "normal", this soldier broke ground for the many that followed him. He was injured in Afghanistan in 2003, a full year before I became a member of Soldiers' Angels, and back when we all were just figuring out how to best to support our troops. But within the military he blazed a trail for those who wanted to "stay Army", despite their injuries. It took a while, but as you can read in the two articles, he's successfully made the transition and is contributing in an invaluable way.

Pleasure to meet you, Roy.

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