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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Annual Valour-IT Fundraiser - Go NAVY! *BUMPED*

It's a tough time for fundraising, but your donation - large or small - is MUCH appreciated.

The 4th annual blog-based fundraiser for Soldiers' Angels' Valour-IT program got underway on Veterans Day. To make it fun, there is always a *friendly* inter-service competition. The feud, I mean, fun ends on Thanksgiving Day.

I'm on the Navy team in honor of my baby sister (who of course is no longer a "baby"), an Annapolis grad and former LT in the US Navy. Yes, as I told Admiral Larson on Parents Weekend after her Plebe Summer, I'm still insufferably proud. :-) GO NAVY!

Plus, it was to her Navy friends that I sent my first, pre-Soldiers' Angels care packages.

ANYWAY, for those unfamiliar with the Valour-IT program, go HERE (make sure you scroll down to read the testimonial from LtCol X).

I've had the pleasure of watching the inspiration and the very first recipient of a Valour-IT laptop present the 1000th laptop to another recovering wounded soldier at Walter Reed Regional Medical Center. I've also had the pleasure of delivering one myself, to a marine at our National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, MD last December.

While many injuries create challenges that take months or years to overcome, the beauty of Valour-IT is that it offers a short cut. Hands in bandages or arm in a cast so they can't type? or maybe a permanent injury so that they'll never type again? How about a laptop with voice-activation software or an adaptive keyboard or mouse? A short cut to blogging, emailing, or IM'ing with family, buddies, or the world at large. And now, the program is expanding to offer other techie-enabled therapy or independence.

It's a worthy cause, so give as generously as you are able. Every $1 helps. Really.

Hit the "Donate" button under thermometer in the upper right corner of this blog or click HERE.


To be fair.... and to prompt you to donate even if your loyalties lie elsewhere....!

A Coast Guard supporter is HERE
A Marine Corps supporter is HERE
An Air Force supporter is HERE
An Army supporter is HERE

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