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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Blankets of Gratitude

Hey all! There are actually two Soldiers' Angels holiday blanket making efforts going on right now...

One is "Blankets of Hope" which involves making full size blankets for our troops overseas, which I linked to here.

The other one is "Blankets of Gratitude" for which I'm making the small afghan/lap blanket (sorry Shelley! Got them muddled...) - the lap blankets are for our vets in more than 60 veterans facilities across the country.

Anyway, lap blankets are to be about 36" x 48"; blankets for the deployed are more like 58"x84".

If you'd like to make a lap blanket, please send an email to:

va. crochet. craftteam @ gmail . com

and my Angel buddy Michelle will help you get it to a Veteran!

If you don't crochet, the no-sew fleece type are great for either size! Instructions (pdf) here.

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