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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Could you spare $5 or $10? or a few more for Soldiers' Angels?

It's that time of year when donations are lowest for all non-profit organizations.

If you have $5 or $10 or more to spare, you might...

Send a check to: Soldiers' Angels, 1792 E. Washington Blvd, Pasadena, Ca 91104


Donate via PayPal or Credit Card by clicking the "DONATE" button on THIS PAGE.

What does your tax deductible donation get used for? Here are a few details from Soldiers' Angels Hero Flights program:

"Just as an example of what SA has provided THIS month alone for our Hero Flights....

Flights for wounded Heroes [either themselves or getting family members to them]: 77

Flights for family members of our Fallen Heroes: 24

Deployed heroes with an emergency: 11

We HAVE to be there for these Heroes and their families after they have sacrificed so much for US!!!! Each of these flights average around $500 or so, because we certainly don't have that 'advanced notice' needed for the cheaper fares.

We helped a very seriously injured Marine a couple weeks ago, who was medevac'd into Bethesda, completely unconcious...we got his fiance there as soon as they landed...two days ago this hero, Chris, actually called me with assistance from his family to say "thank you"...he said Soldiers' Angels 'SAVED HIS LIFE'...if we had not gotten his family to him, he doesn't think he would have had the strength to pull out of this....getting these family members to their wounded warriors is amazing therapy and better than most modern medicine and it helps the Heroes and the families, which is what Soldiers' Angels is all about!"

THIS PAGE also has links to set up recurring PayPal donations ($5, $25, $50, and $100 options are just a click away...).

Note! if using a credit card, click on the DONATE button, enter your dollar amount, but then IGNORE all instructions to log in; scroll down to find the "continue" link for credit cards.

Please donate as generously as you are able.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. Still accepting those holiday letters for the soldiers in the 3ID!!!

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