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Sunday, July 29, 2007


You may recall a previous post on Operation Fresh Air. Well! The organizers of that nifty event and members of a local neighborhood had an Operation Fresh Air II last week. About thirty-five folks - vets and family members - who are currently staying at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, came down for a little fishing, a burger, a hot dog, some fun and games, and, of course, a little fresh air.

For those of you who had donated through Soldiers’ Angels to add a few extras to these events, a few funds were used for OP Fresh Air II. However, almost all of the event was sponsored by a group of neighbors from a subdivision right near Leesylvania State Park where the event was held. I got to drop in and hang out. Fun crowd!

In addition to the fishing, there was music provided by a live band (young men from the neighborhood), and there were crafts, face painting, and a piƱata for the kids. I was really impressed with the thought and attention given to entertaining the children of these wounded vets. It can’t be easy living away from home for what is often an indefinite amount of time. And while it is clear that they enjoy the time with their moms and dads, an evening of silliness with other kids in the woods by the water is pretty special. Not to mention a nice break for mom and dad.

Well done, neighbors!

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Cassandra said...

Thanks for the great post Lisa - wish I hadn't had to be at work :(